Vision Statement

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff are dedicated to providing high quality primary care to the patient population. The practice is committed to delivering a multidisciplinary team approach that offers holistic care in partnership with patients so that they can be empowered to better manage their own health. The Partners will ensure a happy and healthy workforce through the promotion of work-life balance and maintaining an open and honest culture.

To deliver this vision we will:

Give patients the option of consulting with a GP or ANP face-to-face or by phone in either on-the-day or bookable-in-advance slots. This includes extended hours appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and home visits (which may be carried out by a Paramedic Practitioner) to those who are deemed to require it.

Provide consultations with our Practice Pharmacist, Practice Nurses and Phlebotomists regarding chronic disease management, some wound dressings and phlebotomy and blood pressure checks

Provide access to other healthcare professionals associated with the practice such as Health Visiting, Community Link Worker and Midwifery.

Ensure a clean and comfortable environment from which to deliver the best possible healthcare within the scope of the NHS.

Maintain a culture of healthy respect between members of the clinical team and between patients and all staff. Specifically, we have a no-tolerance approach to abuse directed towards our staff members and will take measures to investigate and rectify any causes of this.

The NHS services will be free at the point of use; any charges for non-NHS services will be made clear to the patient in advance of the service being carried out.

Maintain patient equality as all patients will be offered the same level of service regardless of age, sex, disability, sexual preference, ethnicity, nationality or religious beliefs.

Provide the very best General Medical Service and pride ourselves on being a whole-person centred diagnostic and management service which includes; disease prevention, health promotion, management of acute and chronic illnesses, routine immunisations and travel health, sexual reproductive health, cervical smears, post-natal care, minor surgery and joint injections.

Empower our patients to take responsibility for their own health by educating and informing patients through consultations, practice leaflet and our website.

Undertake continual quality improvement initiatives to ensure the practice is as efficient as it can be without compromising the quality of care.

Ensure the spiritual, social, psychological and physical aspects of each patient and their illness are fully considered to allow the patient to be understanding of their health, sharing responsibility for decision making appropriately.

Make referrals to appropriate healthcare professionals when the expertise for the patients’ condition is not available on site which shall include signposting from our reception and administration team to other relevant services such as Minor Injuries, A&E, Pharmacy, Dentists and Opticians.

Operate fully computerised systems to ensure that all relevant clinicians have full access to patients’ notes as required and so that patients are able to request prescriptions online.

Maintain high performance standards through the ongoing monitoring and development of the workforce to ensure that staff have the skills and knowledge required to perform their duties to the highest possible standard.

Ensure a resilient and sustainable General Medical Service that protects the existence and values of the practice while embracing the advantages and opportunities of collaborative working