Test Results

The majority of blood tests will return to the Practice within a few days, but we also need time for an admin member of staff to process the result and send it to the appropriate GP. The GP will then need time to review the result and make a decision about any follow-up that might be needed. This means most results will be ready to be communicated within a week of the sample being taken. Your doctor or nurse will let you know if your particular result will take longer.

If your results are ABNORMAL, or need to be followed up in any way, someone from the Practice will be in touch over the phone or in writing to let you know, or you will be asked to come back in for a review with your GP.

If your results are NORMAL and need no further follow-up, it is NOT our policy to contact patients directly to let them know.

If you would still like confirmation of this for yourself then you are welcome to call the Practice on 0131 552 4919 (option 3), between 10am and 12 noon, to speak to one of the reception staff. Please remember that our reception team are not permitted to give any clinical opinion on your results and can only communicate any comments left by the GPs.