Private Services and Fees

Private and insurance medical examinations are done by special appointment only.

Please inform the receptionist at the time of making the appointment so that the time for the examination is appropriate.

Certain examinations and Certificates are not covered by the NHS and therefore attract a fee.

A list of fees is found under the ‘private fees’ section of this site.

Non-urgent advice: Patient Notice

Please be aware that any medical letters, certificates or anything that requires either completion by a GP or signed off by a GP require 14 working days notice.

Fees for Non-NHS Work

Certificates & Letters
Private Medical Certificate£ 40.00
Private Medical Insurance Claim Form£ 40.00
Private Health Care Verification (BUPA/PPP/Company payable)£ 40.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate£ 40.00
Fit to travel (with examination)£ 40.00
Fit to travel (without examination)£ 25.00
Fit to attend Sports/School/University (with examination)£ 40.00
Fit to attend Sports/School/University (without examination)£ 25.00
Power of Attorney (up to a maximum of)£150.00
Private Medical Examinations
To whom it may concern’ letters (including)   
Authority to carry medication£25.00
DWP Statement£25.00
Fitness to exercise (no examination)£25.00
Fit to fly£25.00
Solicitor/Employers Reports£100.00
Solicitors/Employers Reports & options£150.00
Solicitors Report with short examination£100.00
Solicitors Report for Incapacity (IE Guardianship)£130.00
First copy of information (please note that these requests can take up to 30 days to process)Free
Second copy of information (up to a maximum of)£100.00
Photocopies (per copy)50p
Private Prescription                              £25.00
Vaccination Report (plus 50p per photocopy)£20.00
Visitors from abroad
If you are not entitled to NHS care you will be treated as a private patient
Consultation in surgery (if available)£70.00
Consultation at home (if available)£100.00